Knights of Glory and Beer

Serving the online community since 1997

The KGB Bill of Rights and Conduct

last updated January 2016

This document represents the rules and ideals of the KGB nation. As a citizen of KGB you will be held to uphold the commandments and Oath. The Judicial branch of KGB is responsible to enforce these rules. Citizens of KGB can use a anonymous form to make the KGB Supreme Court aware of any violation. Only KGB citizens may file against an individual regarding violations of the KGB code.

Oath of the Knights of Glory and Beer

As a Citizen of the KGB Nation, my personal integrity is irreproachable. I will never degrade myself by the lying to, cheating of, stealing from, or harming my fellow Citizens or declared Allies. I hold myself personally and unequivocally responsible to ensure the preservation of the honor of the Citizenship and good name of the KGB at all times. I will, to the best of my power, uphold and defend the KGB Constitution while preventing all offences against the persons and properties of the KGB Nation.

General Orders of KGB

General Order 1: "Thou shalt uphold and abide by the ideals our Nation was built upon"

KGB Citizens have been striving to present themselves as honorable, respectable, and chivalrous since 1997. In the beginning, we came together to combat those whose existence was based on ruining the gaming experience for others. Over time we have evolved, but a basic idea and code remains. Respect both your fellow Citizens, Friends, and Foes alike whenever possible. Problems will occur and tempers will flare. Help solve the problems with calm discussion and be respectful to others if possible. Some of our foes may not deserve this respect, but do your best to offer it. Always try to respect these ideals and the many members who came before you. Always consider your nations reputation that we all have worked hard to maintain since 1997. It was this bond that brought us all together and keeps us strong.

The following policy will be enforced by the KGB Federal Faction and Supreme Court in accordance with Article 4, Section 1, of the KGB Constitution: KGB citizens will treat each other with honor and respect and never take part in Personal Harassment. What is harassment? It is repeated, intrusive or unwanted acts, words or gestures that are intended to adversely affect the safety, security or privacy of another, regardless of the relationship between the actor and the intended target. Harassment is further defined as "engag(ing) in intentional conduct which the actor [harasser] knows or has reason to know would cause the victim, under the circumstances, to feel frightened, threatened, oppressed, persecuted, or intimidated; and causes this reaction on the part of the victim.

Humor and joking are ok, and you should be sure to let someone know if you are not comfortable. It is no longer considered joking if you are made to feel frightened, threatened, oppressed, persecuted, or intimidated. Make sure you always respect your fellow citizens.

If you feel you have been the victim of harassment, first send a private message to the actor and let them know you were offended. If the behavior continues, file a KGB Supreme Court Conduct report and allow the system to protect you. Retaliation for submitting a Conduct Report will never be tolerated, and may result in dismissal from KGB.

General Order 2: "Thou shalt swear faith to no other nation but KGB”


In game worlds / servers classified as an OFFICIAL FACTION, you are exclusively a Citizen of the KGB. You must put the goals of the KGB ahead of your own, and put your loyalty to KGB above all else. As a KGB citizen, you must not be a member of any other organization. You will be asked to terminate your citizenship in KGB if you are not willing to comply with the order

If you have at least one KGB tagged character in a region, you may have other, alternate characters in that same region who are not KGB tagged, but they may not be associated with any other organization in that region. However, all characters, tagged or untagged, must adhere to the KGB rules and ideals. ALL GENERAL ORDERS APPLY.


In worlds where the KGB does not have an OFFICIAL FACTION presence, your affiliation with other organizations must remain anonymous and not be in conflict with KGB (for instance, you are a member of the XXX organization in a game called Kill Everyone Online, and the KGB is a foe of XXX in another world). If KGB leadership determines there is a conflict of interest, then you would be asked to either leave the other organization, or renounce your KGB citizenship. In worlds that KGB has or had an OFFICIAL FACTION or had a presence, the (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen may declare a OFFICIAL FACTION to be OPEN. This releases KGB citizens from the normal requirements of General Order 2 in that game / server, even though there is a KGB presence in that territory. This means that a KGB citizen may be a member of another guild in that region that has been declared OPEN, subject to the following restrictions:

  1. You may never intentionally attack or assist in any nonconsensual attack against any citizen of KGB or KGB Organization at any time.
  2. You may never use KGB resources (Web, Voice Communications, etc) against the KGB or any KGB member at any time. Such actions will be considered treason and dealt with per the KGB constitution.
  3. KGB members that have affiliations with other organizations would be barred from holding any leadership position within KGB and could advance only to the rank of Knight. You must forfeit any leadership achieved at the time you join another organization. At any time, you may decide to give up those affiliations and become eligible for leadership and military advancement.

General Order 3: "I will obey the lawful orders of those in leadership positions."

In a combat situation, the authority of the senior KGB officer present is absolute. His or her lawful orders, in the absence of the (GM10) High King / High Queen, carry the same full weight of command as if those orders were issued by the (GM10) High King / High Queen, him or herselff. It is the right and privilege, however, of any KGB citizen to contest any order given once combat operations are complete using the proper chain of command. If confirmation is established that unlawful orders have been given, the officer in command will be reprimanded in accordance with the KGB Constitution.

General Order 4: "Never disclose information concerning KGB internal matters or operations."

The enemies of the KGB constantly seek to exploit information vital to KGB operations. Failure to safeguard KGB information can endanger both you and your comrades on the battlefield. Lost information of intelligence value has lost both battles and even wars. You must personally and vigilantly do your utmost to SAFEGUARD KGB INFORMATION. YOU are responsible to safeguard Information in all forms of communications.