Knights of Glory and Beer

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Join the Knights of Glory and Beer

Please read through the following information about what joining KGB entails. Please ensure you can meet all requirements. A link to the application can be found at the bottom of this page.


You are expected to obey the wishes of the guild leadership and follow the rules and regulations of the guild. We hope that you will be prepared to put guild goals ahead of your own when asked to. You are expected to participate in guild events, help with rescue missions when called upon, and aid others in the Nation to the best of your ability. You are expected to represent our Nation in a manner in which we can all be proud.

Membership Requirements

Do I really have to like beer to join KGB? Yes... virtual beer at least.

All Candidates must read and be familiar with the KGB Constitution. At all times the candidate must display exemplary adherence to the KGB Bill of Rights and Conduct. The candidate must disavow association with enemies of KGB, and those who do not demonstrate behavior consistent with the KGB of Honor. This may seem like a time consuming process, but it is definitely preferable to allowing a Candidate into KGB who weakens the guild with behavior below the standards we are all sworn to uphold.

Membership Benefits

Finding a sponsor

Interact with full members of KGB and let them know you are interested in becoming a member. You can do this in a specific game, or on the KGB Oracle in the PUB forum. After interacting with you, a member can agree to become your sponsor and advise you to submit an application. You would need to provide the member's name as your sponsor. If enough KGB citizens speak for your application you are in after a short waiting period!

Application Process

Once you meet the requirements specified above you may fill out the citizenship application. Your application will be reviewed by every member on KGB who may comment on experiences with you in the past, or may have heard rumors concerning your behavior, whether good or bad.

  1. Ensure teamspeak is installed, working, and you can connect to the KGB Teamspeak server.
  2. Ensure you have the name of a KGB member in good standing that is willing to act as your sponsor.
  3. Ensure you have a KGB Oracle account and are able to participate on the forum.
  4. Complete and submit the KGB Citizenship Application.
  5. The application will be posted for KGB Membership to review, comment and vote.
  6. If your application is accepted and reception is positive, you can attain full citizenship in a minimum of 14 days since submission of the your application.
  7. Once you have been Knighted you will be granted Full access to the KGB Oracle. As this point you will be able to sponsor and vote on new recruits!
New Recruit Application

New to KGB? Interested in becoming a member? Please ensure you have familiarized yourself with our history and you have ensured you meet the requirements stated above.

Returning Veteran Application

Have you ever been a member of KGB in the past? This is the application for you.